VipZone Multisample 140 Vinyl Loops

Формат: (WAV/REX)
Качество: 44100/16

Cэмплерная библиотека (WAV/REX) для создания электронной музыки.

Kick,Drums,Hi Hats,Clap,Basslines,no kicks,snares,perc,cymbals.Модные барабанные петли, bassdrums, basses для танцевальной музыки.

Original vinyl sound gives you this typical "clubby" effect, perfectly staying in the mix, just the sound everybody are searching for ... so start to feel the real vinyl sound within your virtual studio. Try out new Vinyl Loops ! OVERVIEW We've found there are many house loops on the market, recorded from 120 to 130 BPM but not so many loops designed for faster productions. However most of the applications have an option to raise the tempo, but loops processed in this way usually don't fit to the faster arrangements. This is because in most cases these are basicaly house loops and that's why we created another loops, directly in 140 BPM for dance, trance and techno producers. Every loop has 3 versions: first - digital with clean sound, second - passed through vinyl record, and third - digital with ultra-compression in Benny Benassi style. Samplepack contains over 2500 files stored WAV format and also in Recycle format called RX2. All samples are available in single files or Refill Packs. DETAILS: Every drumloop has few versions. From plain loop based only on kick, to the full drumloop.and also every drumloop contains its no-kick version. Every loops is also recorded in vinyl version and in ultra-compressed version. There are also many hihat loops in packs, electro loops used in breaks, plain percussion loops - very useful in almost every situation. Pack contains also several basslines sampled in 140 BPM


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