TC Electronic Near Native Plugins 1.0

TC Electronic Near Native Plugins 1.0

Добротные плагины от компании TC Electronic. В этот пакет входят EQ-Curve Assimilation and Morphing, M40 Reverb 1.0.7 и ResFilter 1.2.6

Разработчик: TC Electronic
Дата выпуска: 1.0
Формат: VST
Платформа: PC (32bit.64bit)
Системные требования: VST Supporting Host application
Релиз-группа: AiR

Подробнее о пллагинах в паке:

Assimilator v1.2.6 - EQ-Curve Assimilation and Morphing - Learn the sound of your favorite mix and apply it to your own. This in short is what Assimilator does. Equalization is one of the more difficult tasks in recording, mixing and mastering especially when trying to match a certain sound. With Assimilator this process will be fast and instantaneous, 3 steps and youre done The UI provides two complete sets of curves and a morph page. On the morph page, you can morph between two complete curve sets by simply moving one fader.

The applications of this processor range from film sound to mastering and of course creative use

The technology employed is based on Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) 3 different resolutions allow you to adjust it to your needs in the highest one the process is so heavy it requires a full DSP This would easily max out a modern CPU, just for one instance.

M40 Reverb v1.0.7 - Studio ReverbHall, Room and Plate

M40 Studio Reverb features three main reverb algorithms. The Hall algorithm emulates a large hall with a broad and warm reverb. Room emulates a small and well-furnished room with an intimate ambience and going back in time the Plate reverb algorithm emulates the large metallic plates which were used to create reverbs before digital signal processing was commonplace.

ResFilter v1.2.6 - Lo-cut/hi-cut filter that offers you ultra fat filtering effects. Throw in resonance, 6, 12 and 24 dB slopes for even more stunning sounds. Its inter - communication-bus facilitates controlling and tweaking multiple plug-ins and parameters from one plug-in, cross-fading between two plug-ins etc.


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