Audio Pluggers - K-Meter VST v1.3.2

Audio Pluggers - K-Meter

Audio Pluggers K-Meter - виртуальный индикатор уровня, поддерживающий систему измерений K-System.

Год выпуска: 2011
Версия: v1.3.2
Разработчик: Audio Pluggers
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: Вылечено
Формат: VST и Audio Units

Доп. информация: стоимость плагина $50 , для Digital Sound бесплатно.


Tired of guessing how loud your mix/master should be? Unsure about how much compression/limiting you should be using? Bob Katz, author of Mastering Audio: the art and the science (a "must read" according to Sound On Sound magazine), developed the K-System to help audio engineers produce consistent, dynamic, and interesting mixes. Contrary to the popular belief that "louder is better", Bob recommends sensible amounts of compression that allow you to infuse life into your mixes. His K-System, which is fully supported in K-Meter, will help you create exciting mixes that your listeners will love. Learn more about the K-System at Digital Domain's site.


Ensuring a consistent listening experience across stereos, televisions, iPods, and every other device under the sun has become increasingly painful. A standardized listening environment is more important than ever. K-Meter helps you take your studio to the next level by providing you with the tools you need to calibrate your studio monitors to a reference level. This small investment will pay off dividends and help you achieve that polished, professional sound.


Did you know that the majority of peak meters on the market under-read peaks and miss overloads? The peaks they report can be up to 3 dB less than the actual peaks. This results in overloads going undetected, leading to clipping and distortion. K-Meter reduces this error to about half a dB through the use of "True Peak" metering. To achieve this higher degree of accuracy, K-Meter upsamples your audio by up to 4x before detecting peaks. For example, if your input signal has a sample rate of 48 kHz, K-Meter will convert the signal to 192 kHz internally. Say goodbye to unexpected distortion.


K-Meter "hears" your music in much the same way that your ears do. It knows that your ears perceive certain frequencies as being louder than others, for example. In fact, K-Meter goes so far as to model the effect that the shape of your head has on what your ears hear! This level of detail, which is based on scientific studies, provides a meaningful link between your metering and what you actually hear. Plus, the algorithm used by K-Meter (ITU-R BS.1770) is fully standardized and recommended by both the International Telecommunications Union and the European Broadcast Union. Quite simply, it is the future of loudness metering. Learn more about loudness standards on our blog.


  • K-System support
  • ITU-R BS.1770 loudness support (LKFS metering)
  • "True Peak" support
  • AES-17 RMS support
  • Pink noise (1/f) generator
  • Numeric level displays
  • Overload indicators
  • Peak hold/release
  • Collapsible interface


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